What I Want For Christmas From LinkedIn

What I want for Christmas from LinkedIn

  1. Incentivize people to actually update their profiles and update with a real resume
    1. Either make resume (in PDF) a first class part of your LinkedIn professional profile. (do not send an update to your network, I don’t mind my boss finds an updated resume, but I don’t want this update to be broadcasted) I know people are reluctant to put their resume on LinkedIn, but why not make it acceptable that everyone should keep an updated resume online?
    2. Or… if this is too radical, make ‘resume’ a first class citizen in a private part of your profile so recruiters can use that PDF to get access to an up to date resume?  Right now, my guess is about 75% of people’s LinkedIn profile is not up to date and needs to be updated when people actually look for a job.  (I’ll take challenge from anyone that I can randomly sample 20 profiles and 15 of them are out of date compared with their resume by at least 1 to 2 years.)
  2. Increase signal to noise ratio by letting me remove : ‘People in your network have new connections’, ‘See anyone you know? Connect with them’, ‘is now following:’ , ‘has a work anniversary.’, ‘has an updated profile:’
  3. Let me privately dislike something and personalize my feed based on what I dislike.

Thank you little elves at LinkedIn :)