Design and building Android wear app with my daughter

On Oct 5th, my co-worker Ollie R. and I were chatting during breakfast and he was showing me his Android Wear watch. When he told me that developing for wearable devices is pretty new and something worth getting into, I went to Amazon the next day and bought a refurbished 2014 Moto 360 for $112

I asked my 14 year old daughter @cate_no_kate to do the box opening, sync the watch to my Android Note 4 to give her a simple box opening joy as well to see how easy it would be setup. After about 30 minutes the Moto 360 was on and connected.

The next few days, I played with the watch. It was nice, but I was itching do some development on it and launch an app on the Google Play store. I am a GTD nut. I use Trello, Google Keep, Evernote but I often overbook my TODO lists so I decided to build an app called ‘Just 3’ which just let’s you deal with 3 tasks a day.

After tinkering with Android Studio, I had a hello world app on Day 1.

To add todo items, I had to add them as string resources in Android Studio, build and deploy it to the phone. I had to do this everyday until I figure out how I wanted to add items on the watch. This kept me developing the app every day.