Health Goal: Senior Badminton Tournaments

I had seen a wonderful life coach, Amy K and she worked with me to help me understand what I believe are life values.

From those conversations, she had told me that our life is like a wheel.   There are 4 sections to that wheel.  Health, Family, Work, Money. All of these 4 sections of our lives need to be in balance and taken care of.

She focused on having me define my personal values,  and from there I wrote down my long term life goals for each of the 4 sections of my life.

I use Trello to manage roughly 50 kanban boards.  Each board would normally have these columns: doing, backlog, done, wait.

This week I have been contemplating putting down a new life goal of playing in the senior badminton league.   This would fall into my health goal.  It would align well with my lifetime love of playing badminton 🏸.

My backlog for my kanban board currently consist of

  • signing up for one tournament in the general population to start competing again, since I am still 5 years away from the 50+ league
  • talking with Henry Y.  who has played and won tournaments in the senior league
  • start a new training regiment for badminton with my current Saturday badminton group
  • play at least one singles game a week in order to start enjoying the gruesome singles game of endurance