Trending? #deleteFacebook, #metoo, #marchforourlives, #nevergain?

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Recently there has been news reporting about #deleteFacebook, #metoo, #marchforourlives and #nevergain.  You can track the interest over time at Google Trends

For me, I wanted to know the relative traction each of these movements are actually making.  Looks like #deleteFacebook is gaining traction, check back in 7 days to see if the internet meme continues.

While I’ve done #deleteFacebook a few years ago, I got back on recently just to connect to one person but now, I’m deleting it yet again.


This page is

  • – DONE March 27th
  • Instagram – DONE March 27th
  • WhatsApp – I am moving my 90+ badminton social group to Slack! Done by April 30th.