My Email Flow

If you send an email to me, it’s very likely (95% chance) I will reply

  • If you are recruiting me for a position at company X –
    • You will get a polite / canned response that “I am extremely happy at Splunk and want to be there for 4 years to help the company grow”.
  • If you are selling a product to me, my company or my restaurant –
    • You will get a polite / canned response that “I will review your product and get back to you *if* I’m interested”.
  • If you are interested in joining San Francisco Badminton –
    • You will get a link to read about my group on, an internal Google Doc about the group and a link to the Slack channel to try out for the group, which has a canned welcome message as well.
    • If you are a not an advanced player, I’ll politely decline.
  • If you are asking for a referral to my company –
    • If I think really highly of our experience together, I will immediately sent you a glowing review to the job you are interested in to the recruiter and hiring manager.
    • If I worked with you before, but I don’t personally know your work, I will ask you to apply directly to the job and tell you that our recruiters do a wonderful job of looking at all candidates. And they really do.
  • If you are an email list –
    • And I don’t get value from your content, I will unsubscribe you.
    • If I actually have clicked on a link to read the content of your email list, then I’ll read something from it and delete after.
  • If you are a robot and giving me information about my account –
    • I will read and delete you.
  • If you are a human and you are responding back to my email –
    • You will get a reply, unless the email thread needs no reply.
  • If you are someone from work emailing me –
    • You will get a response back if a respond is warranted.
    • If you get a link in the response, it’s because I’ve written a similar response before for someone else, or I’ve written something new for future folks who will ask similar questions.
    • If I think it’s important that I follow up, your email will be flagged
    • If I think this is the end of the thread, your email will be archived
  • If you are a family member
    • I will try very hard to reply back and hopefully give you back more value than your original email.
    • If I do not respond to your emailIt is because I’m struggling with the response, please don’t email me again and ask if I saw your previous email.
    • Or, it’s very possible that I somehow missed your email *and* I accidentally removed your email without replying. There is a very very slim chance (less than 2% that this is the case)
    • *Only* ask me about a missing email, if you are human and you are my co-worker, my friend or my family.Otherwise, don’t ask me “Did you see my previously email”

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