Withdraw symtoms of the smartphone

(The photo is of a parking ticket paying machine, it wants to do a lot in terms of payment, but very confusing)

Last week, I  decided to leave my smartphone at my desk with only a sharp pencil and my notebook.  Yes, I did feel more engaged during the meeting, but I also felt like I was missing my phone.

My current state of my phone

  • I have deleted all video based apps (YouTube, Hulu, Netflix) and only have those apps that are education based
  • I have deleted all news based apps (NyTimes) and use Pocket to read/listen to articles that have saved from previous browsing to be read later

My plan to further curve usage

  • Charging my phone in a cabinet away from my bed
  • First 45 minutes of waking up, I do a 45 minute routine of meditation, stretching, reading, biking, writing a blog post before touching a phone
  • Shutdown my phone in restaurants when I am with someone else
  • Leave my phone at my desk during a meeting
  • Leave my phone at my desk when I’m meeting up with someone else