In the last few weeks, I’ve learned the power of the following


  • I asked a team of 6 people for help. They have commit 2 weeks of work and 5 hours of time to do face to face presentations. In return, I give them what they really want, direct access to people who can listen and help them achieve their goals.
  • I help people, listen to what they are looking for, deliver what I promise quickly and with quality. They reciprocate many months later, much more than I give them with direct access, confidential information that helps me and most importantly they speaker highly of me when I’m not there.
  • I contribute to groups where I’m not even asked. In return, people give me feedback whenever I asked them.

What did I learn?

  • Empathy goes a very long way, putting ourselves in the shoes of others.
  • Don’t say no immediately. Don’t do the easy thing and push back *every time*.
  • Listen, ask clarifying questions until I hit the nail on the head, then move as quickly as possible to deliver value.
  • Build trust, everything is easier after that.