Father’s day at Santa Cruz

Father’s day turned out be to more than just Kate and Me at the Broadwalk.  My entire family came along and I’m glad they did.   My bro-in law rented a van and the 6 of us hopped in and off we went.  We got there at 9:45 and Kate and headed immediately to the beach, especially when Kate saw the sand.

Kate: I want to do go the sand
(we are coming up to the broad walk)

My Mom: Should we head over to breakfast?

Kate: Now, I want sand now!

Me: Uhh, I’m not hungry, drop us off here and pick us up later.  BTW, my Treo is out of batteries, please try to find us.

9:45 am, I get a pager message from Yahoo! News that we had 404’s on the site, my Treo runs out of batteries. ARGGG, my parents already drove off.

I digged 5 inches down into the dry sand and open up a 8 foot wet sand pit for Kate.  She and I built sand castles for 3 hours.    The sun was nice but the beach was actually quite cold.  I did a 200 sand push ups to keep warm.   I tried looking for Aurora playing sand volleyball, didn’t see her but she was out there today.

I get found by my parents at 12:30pm and I ran over to the car to get my Treo charged and dial into work via bluetooth. I figured out the problem was with the MYSQL database and suggested a fix to my trusted comrad Glen and told him that I trusted him and I loved him (I didn’t really say that).

Thank god we hired some bad asses for Y! News.

After Kate had 6 turns at the Merry-go-around and a nice big ice cream cone, we head back home and had ourselves a kick ass BBQ.  I let my sister play with Kate for the entire day (what a nice father’s day present)  and I watched some DVD’s (Hoosiers) on my 17″ powerbook, had tons of Korean short ribs.

On a more personal note:
I also connected with a family friend who suffered from depression for several years and was reluctant to take drugs.  But when she finally started taking drugs, her whole outlook on life changed.  I think I’ll start taking meds for me to relieve my depression for a period of time.  I’m a little sick of my mood swings.