I should be able to live until 92 years old

The Life Expectancy calculator tells me I’m suppose to leave this earth when I’m 92, year 2052.   Do I really want to live that long?  It even tells me how to live even longer by drinking tea instead of coffee.   Secret to longevity is more push-ups :-)

The Living to 100 Life Expectancy Calculator
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1. What is your gender:

As a guy, you have your work cut out for you. Women have about a ten-year advantage over men. To catch up, you need to be extra-diligent about healthy habits.

Facts: Women have a head start in the longevity marathon. Many scientists speculate that estrogen plays a role. After menopause (average age 51 years), this advantage seems to diminish. Another theory holds that chronic iron deficiency (due to menstruation) gives a woman her advantage. Iron is critical to our cells’ ability to produce age-accelerating free radicals that also predispose to heart disease, stroke and cancer