Kate I Let You Down :-(

Kate’s teachers tell me that it so nice having Kate at school, she is really happy there.

Today Yahoo! let some of us leave work at 2:00pm to get started on the long weekend.  So I decided to pick up Kate from Berkeley and take her to get her shots so she won’t be kicked out of school.

From Sunnyvale to Berkeley took me 1 hr 20 mins, then it took me 1 hr 30 mins to Livermore.  I was 40 mins late for my appointment.  I called the medical office twice and they made me feel like such an incompetent dad.  Then when I got there, three people told me there was no way I could see the doctor for Kate to get her shots.  Nothing I could say except to apologize then beg for the soonest possible apointment.

Now Kate will have to miss the entire week of school until she gets her shots next Saturday.

Kate, I’m so sorry, I felt lousy for about 3 hours.  Now I’m back as happy dad.