First Discovery Book series: Great Designed Books?

The “First Discovery Books” are the best designed children’s books I’ve ever seen.

These books are very hard to find brand new in the US.  I’m not sure why. Do a search on Amazon and give all the books a try.  These are very detailed illustrations of various topics like The Egg , Penguins, Weather, The Earth and Sky.  The best part about these books are the attention to , the depth that it covers on each subject (I even learn from these books) and the very very best part is that the book make use of transparent pages to show you more details or show you before and after, or very creative use of a white background to show  you xray and how it works.  It’s hard to describe it, you need to really pick one up to know that these books are in a class by themselves

They are also translated in French, Japanese, Chinese if you could find them.
Click on the image belong to check on Amazon’s reviews, or simple pick up one of
the used books for dirt cheap

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