Children Book Review: Grace Lin

Kate since she was a baby, we’ve come across many books that she loves. I thought
I’ll start sharing those. I would love to hear suggestions as well from other
parents on what books they love. Anywhere from 0-6 years old reading material.

Grace Lin illustrated many books on the Chinese culture.  It’s really fun for Kate and I to read them mostly because the words and pictures are fun to look at. Our favorites from Grace Lin:

Round Is a Mooncake: A Book of Shapes
Red Is a Dragon: A Book of Colors
Dim Sum for Everyone
Fortune Cookie Fortunes

Her books really gives a authentic feeling of being Chinese American.  Her “Dim Sum” books has all the various dim sum dish in both languages and it’s fun to read about them and talk about how each one is made. They also bring in the various family relationships such as mother side’s grandparents, or uncles from the father side.  These books are a fun way to talk about the Chinese Culture with your kids.  Even if you are not Chinese, you can have fun learning about our culture