Retirement at 50?

Lunch conversation started around retirement and what would we do if we were able to retire right now? The gut reaction I had was obviously stop working.. then on further thought, what would I do with my free time? I still had Kate to take care of, she goes to school, I can’t just pack my bags and live in Paris. I actually think I’ll still work at Yahoo!

On further thought, if I was 50 years old, the story would be totally different. Kate would be 18 years old, she will be off to college and I’ll be a free man :-) YES! 50 is the magic number, at 50 I could be a bum without responsibilities and live like a bum (with money) and hang out in Paris for Spring and Summer and Positano, Italy for Fall and Winter.

It’s really not a lofty goal, very doable, very attainable, very Tony! Look for me in Europe at 50