single dad traveling with a kid in Paris


Eiffel Tower, Seine River, Louvre Museum: from  5 year old’s perpective, she can care less.

Where’s the ice cream place, crepes? tired of walking, not the metro again, are we there yet? Kate is a pretty good traveler, but thinking from her perspective, I can understand.

My days with her here in Paris is not ambitious.  We hit the pastries shop early AM, sit at the cafe for an espresso and a glass of rosé.  Plan for only one outing for her like a park or amusement park and a boat ride. Then lunch at a cool place we should both like.  By the time we are done, it’s time to plan a healthy dinner at home to make up for all the sweets during the day.  No one seems to bring their kids out for dinner here.

The days are long, with only about 1 hour of break when I play a Japanese show for her.  Today I really   appreciate the 40 min nap she got on  the metro line #1 as we ride from the depot from one end to the other while the conductor and passenger eye me curiously when we are the only ones on the metro while he switches directions in the repair dock.

We will be at the amusement park in 20 mins, kate would have gotten an hour long nap, I’m exprecting a Kate in much better mood.


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