Being Average Tony

If you ask 100 people if they were average overall, most would say they are above average. We all think we are the most unique person in the world and rightfully so. but if we are so unique, why are we going to the same music concert as 20,000 others, why are we all watching American Idol as 20 million people every week. Of course the argument is that the combination of these non-unique qualities or activities makes you unique since no one else is doing the exact same mixtures at the exact same time. Then there is each person’s history, where they are living.. etc. I can accept this argument.

I can’t and won’t want to convince anyone that they are not unique.

I do believe in thinking myslf as average. being average keeps me humble. It also makes me realize how many things are really designed for the average person in mind. For example, when I arrive in a foreign country, I try to think how things would be designed for the average local resident. If the average person can figure out the local bus, metro, train system, then I could as well. Also being average allows me to react to situations as a average person would. I allow myself to grief, forgive, forget like an average person should.

If I allow myself to think I’m somehow above average, it often leads me to not see the obvious or to create blindspots in my mind and not be self-critical.

Averge Tony, from Rome. Regards

Departing thoughts, what if I’m below average? Now, show of hands, who here thinks they are below average? gasp!!