Cooking Pasta For 3 Straight Days

Am in Paris trying to save money by eating out during Lunch and cooking for dinner.   Cooking pasta should be the easiest thing.  I’m trying to replicate the flavors in Italy.   For the next 3 days I plan to cook exactly the same thing in order to perfect this simple recipe.


a) fresh fettucine
b) garlic
c) olive oil
d) parsley
e) cherry tomatoes

Day 1:
boil fettucine, in parallel heat up 2 tbsp oil, throw in garlic and parsley. Lay the halfed tomatoes to pan frie.  thow in fettucine and toss in oil.  Result: not enough oil, the parsley got burned and didn’t taste fresh.  tomatoes were also burned: scale of 1-10 : 5.

Day 2:
Decided to buy 4 gigantic scallops.  boil fettucine, pore gobs of olive oil… a lot.. throw in garlic only, then place tomatoes face down, place scallops.. pan fry for 3 mins..  throw in fettucine, toss, then throw in parsley.  Yum!  still not enough oil, need double gobs next time.  But the flavors were really good.   The parsley was not burnt. scale of 1-10: 7

..last day in Paris tomorrow, then I’m heading home.

Day 3 (last day in Europe)
Threw in a lot of salt into the water while cooking fettucine.  lots and lots of olive oil.  Didn’t cook the tomatoes for very long, toss in the pasta, threw in parsley last minute and toss together.  With a glass of wine, pasta was very very good.  scale 1-10: 7