Barcelona Has The Crazy Food

I was in Barcelona for 4 days and finally am back at the mothership in Paris. If you thought SF was pretty crazy about food, Barcelona kicks everyone’s butt when it comes to food (even NY). The people here love to eat and it shows. There are restaurants that are named ‘White’, places that have fresh seafood and you pick what you want and how you want to cook them, places that open at 5am serving Tapas, chocolate bars that puts anything I’ve seen to shame.

The one that beats them all is this place called Foodball (check their website, it’s pretty funky)

1) menu is all ‘balls’ of rice wrapped with different surprises inside
2) you seat on mats on top of concrete steps
3) they let people post little ads on the walls and it’s all for yoga, health foods, spiritual stuff
4) The utensils are biodegradable

The healthy menu

The combination

The seating

The really healthy one