Time With Mom

Weekend with mom was very fun, my mom just turned 65 this year.

  • Pick her up from SF and drove to Oakland to have a facial together.  Had a very nice nap.
    • Mom: “my friends would like to go to Europe next year.. pause”
    • Me: “Do you guys enjoy tour packages?”
    • Mom: “No we hate it but we can’t get around Europe.. pause”
    • Me: “Ok, I’ll take you guys to Paris and Italy”
    • Mom: “That would be best, heh..”
  • Drive back to SF to Esperpentos for Tapas, checkout my apartment at the Beacon
  • Spent time chatting in the car about my life
    • Mom: “Why do you need to see a psychologist?”
    • Me: “figure out how I got to where I am.  Also to figure out why I instinctively always repeat the same mistakes in my life.  It’s sort of looking backwards and figuring out the bad stuff.”
    • Me: “Also a psychologist is pay to listen to whatever you want to talk about, there are things I would not tell my parents, things I would not tell my closest friends, but my shrink will have to listen to everything and will keep the secret.  It’s very liberating”
    • Mom: “Then why do you need to  see a life coach?”
    • Me: “figure out where I want to go from here,  sort of looking forward and figuring out what I want for my future.”
    • pause
    • Me: “Pretty cool huh?  I get to see both directions at the same time?”

I realized a few things after that day with my mom

  1. I’m very lucky that I get talk with my mom about almost anything and she cares to listen
  2. I’m lucky that I can afford a psychologist and a life coach
  3. I’m glad I am open minded enough to try to peek into this brain of mine and see what makes it tick
  4. My mom’s friends love me like a son and they have been in my life since I was 10, I’m very very lucky.