live sea urchin, one of the best food in the world

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I’m not a health nut, I pretty much eat anything.  But I also have a appreciation for really exotic foods.  My brother in-law is Tony multiply by 4.  He often goes on fishing trips to catch hamachi and cuts it open for sashimi on the boat.  Recently he has been diving for abalone and uni (sea urchin) and having sashimi at home.

Tonight he asked me if I had 10 minutes for some live uni?  “Look it’s still moving, get some wasabi and soy sauce ready”   Tony: “Let me take some pics”

I’ll eat uni, but not crazy about it. Usually at sushi places, the uni is farm raised and has been in cold storage for a while.  Today’s is wild uni, the color is a bit darker.  The taste is out of this world, very fresh, not heavy, sweet and goes down and warms my stomach.  Especially when it’s alive when it was cut open, it was the best sashimi I’ve had in 2-3 years.  Reminds me of the 7:00am sushi in Tokyo fish market. Yum!  Once in a lifetime, unless you have a brother-in-law like  mine. :-)  Thanks Jarrett