Connecting via Baguette

This morning I was going to Petite Patisserie (all organic pastries) for some morning pastries when a jolly bearded man was commenting on how sad Kate was looking. I told him she refused to put on her jacket and was pouting.

The man was delivering twenty some odd baguette and I asked him where he was deliverying to.. “Chez Maman”, “Chez Papa”.

Then we started talking about bread, and he pulled out this fresh baguette to let me try. I tear off a piece and it was right up there with the best bread I had in Paris. A little crunchy and very airy. He only sells wholesale though.

I then asked if I could go and check out his bakery, he said come on over and take a look.

I came back home and found on the web that his name is Jean-Claude Bunand and has been baking for 40 years. I’m amazing how a little bit of passion can make a connection. I’m mildly obsessed with french bread, he is 40 years obsessed.

Here is an interview with his wife, Catheine Bunand