Singing the praises of Bay Area transit

I have been car-less for over 3 months now in San Francisco. Relying mainly on a foldable bike, ZipCars and the public transportation to get around the bay area.

Here are the great things about this lifestyle

1 stress free communting. Driving and parking is stressful and does require my full attention.

2 I plan every trip and usually never late. This has helped me to be better organized. I use ( GPS realtime bus arrival) and (trip planner to connect all the Bay Area transit systems)

3 Even though it takes me 2 to 3 times to get to a destination, I am usually more relaxed. I get to eat, watch a movie or work on the laptop.

4 I have a bike with me everywhere. It’s a great way to get exercise anytime. No need to wait for the weekend. if I miss a bus, I could bike in a radius of 7 miles anywhere easily.

5 I can drink alcohol anytime :)

6 I save money in car depreciation, gas, maintainance and apply that money for badminton coaches. Again it applies to great exercise.

Not so great things**

1 it takes me longer to get to places

2 on days where I am tired, I don’t have a choice, still have to bike.

3 late night commute is somewhat more dangerous

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