Perspective On Work

I worked for SGI from 1993-1999 and was bleeding SGI blood. I was the cheerleader for the company and our group. I left SGI when the company just couldn’t deliver the financial results it promised.

A friend from SGI mentioned to me that when I left SGI, I swore I would not be emotionally involved with a company again. I don’t remember saying that, but I’m sure I did. Now looking at where I am, I’m very positive about Yahoo! and many words have been used to describe me. the lifer, old timer, company man, ancient timer, true yahoo.

My perspective on work is that whatever company I am in, make the best of it. Don’t complaint too much, put my energy towards something that I can make a difference. Look at the mirror when I want to complaint and see if I am making things better. Find something I want to change and keep on pushing for it.

Like Chris (co-worker) says, it’s like pushing jello uphill. But if I don’t tackle it, no one else will. While I’m getting paid good money, I vow to keep on pushing the jello. Until one day for whatever reason I part with the company, my next company, I’ll be pushing jello again.

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