Lost In Bamboo

He has not seen them this tall before. The bamboo trees are 70 feet tall.  They filled the plot of land in front of him in clusters of 5 to 10 trees.  He has always loved bamboo.  The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind in the afternoon when the would come to cool down the hills.  He love to see the trunks bend and sway in the wind, but never breaking.

Whenever he felt lost of sad, he would come and sit in the bamboo forest for the entire day and without fail, he would feel the weight of the problem be lifted up with the narrow leaves of the bamboo plants.  This time it was different.  this time his problems weren’t as simple.  He has been sitting in the bamboo forest for 3 days, eating the simple bread he brought along with him.  He is feeling worst as each day passes.  He wants to be lost, perhaps up there on the trees!

These large dark green bamboos look so heavenly.  He can’t see the top of the trees today with the mist.  He digs into his backpack for the climbing gear, straps himself to the tree trunk and starts climbing up.  His bare feet feel the smooth, cold tree trunk as he makes his way up the trunk.  He hopes to just keep on climbing and get lost.  He no longer cares, he is in his favorite place and he is sure the weight of the problems will be lifted again.

(This is a work of fiction)


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