I Believe In Consistency And Persistence

Many aspects of my life are based on 2 simple concepts: consistency and persistence.

I have been working for Yahoo! as a software engineer for over 11 years now.  I have consistently delivered  results regardless of what project I work on.   My co-workers and management can trust me with the most important projects.  Without fail, the Yahoo! News site has stayed running on my watch. Undergoing the boundless needs of huge news events including: September 11th, 3 presidential elections, Katrina, celebrity deaths, Iraq war.  The rewards of being consistent at work is that when re-organizations happen, the most consistent employees are called upon to deal with the most challenging work.

Persistence goes hand in hand with consistency.

I have a long term goal of living in France.  With my 9 year old daughter, without fail, I have taken her to Paris every single year for the 9 years of her life.  Every year, it’s a magical two weeks.  She and I spend time in Paris just soaking in the life of a local Parisan.  We stay in the same neighborhood, we visit the same shops.   Last year, a few months after we came back, she told me that Paris feels like home to her and she already misses it.  For the rest of her life she will remember this special time she spent with me.  This gift to her is priceless.  I make decisions to not spend money on TV, cable, car, fancy electronics in order to make this annual trip.

I believe anything worthwhile must entail consistency and persistence.