Marsh “You Choose I Write”

The summer wind softly fans across the marsh. The sound of the tall stalks swaying from side to side can only be heard by those who care to listen. The marsh is not a place to explore. It is a vast flat land, with seemingly large patches of water and tall grass repeated as far as the eye could see.

* Alex *

This of course is not true for Alex. He loved the mash every since he could first remember. His enjoys sitting in the muddy water for hours on end waiting for the perfect moment to jump. His friends would often come by and say hi. He politely waves to them with his tongue. His girlfriend, Bernice, often hangs out with him when he is in this mood of just wanting to hang out.

Today is an especially great day to to just sit and wait. He is somewhat hungry, but not famished. He slept well last night, so he won’t fall asleep just sitting here waiting. So he waits, not moving any parts of his body, moving only his bulging eye balls to see if they are here.

It’s been over 2 hours, but he has learned to be patient. His teacher has always say ‘grasshopper, he who waits, gets the worm’. He loved his teacher, but the grasshopper analogy was getting a tad old. Oh wait! Alex hears what he has been waiting for. He closes his eyes now, because he needs only his hearing. There are 3, no, maybe 4. There is a big one, they are flying slowly probably because of the nice weather. There! It’s time. He hops high to the left, rolls out his 2 foot long tongue, rolls it back in and snags 2 large flies into his mouth. The other 2 flies scrambles away.

Hmm, it’s tasty, full of juices. Alex the bullfrog is savoring the fruits of his patience. He sits there in the marsh and waits.