money makes more money

(repost from 1/9/2007)

I believe I have a healthy relationship with money. I know how to invest my money, I know how to earn money, and most importantly I know how to spend money on the people in my life.

I usually don’t make such bold statements since I’m usually a humble person.

Money in itself is a concept, it’s an enabler. It enables me to support myself and my family. It enables me to show my gratitude to my parents. It enables me help a friend fulfill his dreams of opening a restaurant. It enables my daughter to go to a private school.

It’s painfully obvious to me that many people don’t spend enough energy learning about how to invest their money. What they are missing out is the ability to have money earning more money.

We all work hard for the money, we owe it to ourselves to get educated about how to invest it. Let the money grow by itself.

Next time you hear yourself say: I don’t know how to invest: remember these words: ‘There is no excuse, learn about it. It’s not magic.’


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