Living without regrets until our dying days

We will all die one day.  That is the way of life, it’s interesting that even kids realize their parents will die one day and they don’t seem very surprised by that.  It’s an eventual fact all humans accept as part of life.

People often say “live life as if it’s your last”.  I interpret that as live life as you may die any day and you should live your life with no regrets.

– Live life with nothing unsaid to your love ones.  Say “I love you” now.  Say “I am blessed to have you in my life”.  Say “You are good enough as you are”

– Live life with with no regrets.  If you have made mistakes, try as hard as you can to rectify them now or accept that you made mistakes and forgive yourself.  If there is something you have not done yet and you will regret not doing it, tell your love ones that you want to accomplish that before you die and do them together with your love one.

–  Make choices now between what is truly important to you when you are on your death bed.  If you imagine when you are dying, what would you wish to have spent more time on.  Is it work?  Would you want to be leave a legacy of work behind, choose that now.  Is it family and friends?  Would you want to be surrounded by friends and family who all feel like you have spent your best self with them?  Choose them now, don’t tell them when you are dying that you wish you spent more time.  You have the power to make that change, NOW

We are flawed humans, we will make the wrong choices.  Time is also ticking away for all of us. Most of us will likely live until we are 80 years old, some of us unlucky ones will die sooner that others

It’s the choices we make along the way that will define us as the unique individual we all are.

Tony Tam