No more freebies from Evernote


Evernote Basic subscribers can save up to five emails to their Evernote account. To continue using the feature, you must upgrade your Evernote account.

Today when I emailed a note to my notebook, I got the above paywall message.

I used to love Evernote.  You can create notes very quickly, you can email notes to your notebook, every little thought or article I can save it and eventually find it via their quirky search engine.

I think the days of the free lunch is gone.  Either you pay with real money or pay with your time in the form of advertising. These startups like Evernote, Dropbox thought they could get to profitability with scale, but I think they just loose more and more money with scale. Only less than 1% is willing to pay, subsidizing the rest of the 99% free loaders.

The issue with Evernote is that it has become a dumping ground for notes that I may not find again.  I don’t think the value proposition is there for me to continue to pay them where I can just store my notes in Google Docs or text files saved to or Dropbox.

Tony Tam