Digital Entertainment I Am Willing To Pay For

We do not pay for cable, never did and do not have a TV.  We do have a movie projector and a 90″ drop down projection screen.

Looking at our digital entertainment obligations:

We get the recent DVD ‘s free from the San Francisco public library.

We pay for Comcast for 6mbps for faster internet than AT&T, this is not entertainment but a utility.

We used to pay for Pandora, ads-free but the ads are not that annoying and our family is okay now with free Pandora.

My daughter buys songs from iTunes.

We pay for Netflix for a few months and it became too hard to find movies to watch or many movies were not available, so we canceled.

We pay for Hulu Plus, letting us watch TV shows and now we pay for Hulu ads free as well because the ads take away from the experience.  $11.99 / month is our monthly obligation.

Other areas we have paid, is $3.99 / movie from Amazon (iTunes is always $1 more expensive). iTunes for movie download because it is so simple for airplane rides.

Tony Tam