Interview 1: Lyn Campbell, Corporate VP, Global Operations at Proofpoint

I’m celebrating a milestone for a personal 10 year project and I’m seeking your time and attention.

Impactful Engineer shares the stories and journeys of women and men who are making significant impact in the software industry. The purpose of Impactful Engineer is to inspire young software engineers to see that are many paths they can take to move forward in their careers and grow their impact wherever they work

As I promise to my readers, I embargoed interviews until the first woman engineer interview is done.

The finished version is now published and I can’t wait to share it with my supporters and core audience (young engineers looking to grow and esp. women)

When you have 24 minutes to spare, please read the interview with Lyn Campbell who is a corporate VP, and she graduated an English major. I am looking for feedback on how I can make the site and interviews better.

Here is our first interview with Lyn Campbell, Corporate VP, Global Operations at Proofpoint