The Pop-up Bookclub

Recently I’m experimenting with starting up bookclubs at work in order to meet new people and helping to instill the habit of book reading into my own life.

Here is what I’m doing

  • Create a #bookclub channel on Slack
  • Create a document with a list of books that anyone can propose
  • Once there are 5 people who sign up to read a book, a pop-up bookclub is created
    • Another channel on Slack #bookclub-[name of book] is created
    • The group of 5 or more people who want to read that book are added to the Slack channel #bookclub-[name of book]
    • Then a leader for that new bookclub schedules 5 Friday’s to read the book
    • A new person is designated to lead the discussion for 1/5th of the book everyweek so that there is active participation.
    • Each week the bookclub reads 1/5th of the book and discuss for an hour

Our first book is “That’s what she said” by Joanne Lipman where the author invites men and women to learn about the perspectives from each gender in order to understand each other more.

book that's what she said.jpg