How much to pay for a muffin and coffee in SF?

Today, I picked up a strawberry muffin and coffee from Bello Coffee and Tea in Glen Park. When I first saw the total bill was $5, I was taken aback. $2.5 for a coffee and $2.5 for a muffin. Was it ringed up incorrectly? It was so much lower than I would expect.

My usual coffee places are $4.5 for coffee, $4 to 6 for pastries.

Then I pay more attention to the owners/workers at the cafe. They were a middle aged Chinese couple. Or I am guessing. I wonder if the ownership had changed?

My best guess is that they are going for a volume business and they are still figuring out the right pricing model.

Or, I am just too used to fancy coffee places and charge a lot more because they pay a living wage to their workers?

My morning started with a surprise.