Freedom Of Running

Google Map: My parents’ house to Dublin Bart I’ve been busy with the Y! News launch last week, have not updated my run log.

Running really gives me a lot of freedom to go anywhere I want without having to drive or carry around a bike and helmet.

I have very traditional chinese parents who still treat me as if I’m 10 years old, I’m 35 years old now.  On Friday, I took the Bart to my parents in Dublin and I told my mom that on Saturday I’ll run to the bart since I wanted to take off about 5:30am.  So that’s what I did, I ran from my parents house to Dublin bart.  I checked my phone 20 mins later and had 9 messages.  My parents were driving all over the running route looking for me to drive me to Bart.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I end up just walking to bart?  sigh.  I love my parents, our relationship has never been better, but sometimes I want to scream..
Log: 2.9 miles w/12 lb backpack

Thursday ran from caltrains to the Ferry building, then back home. Log: 2.6 miles w/12 lb backpack
Sunday morning, took Kate at 7:30 to pick up fresh bread from Acme bread at 8:00 and ran back. Log 2.4 miles pushing/36 lb stroller.

Kate (4 years old) has a very good memory.  She is holding me to my promise about running with her over the golden gate bridge.  So on Sunday, I drove her to Point Fort and I put her in her stroller with her Martha Stewart Kids magazine, it was daughter and father time!  I had a great time. 
Log: 2.6 miles

Monday morning at 5:30 I set a goal to run 8 miles but ended up only running 5.2 miles on this route to Divisadero My Monday legs just were not up for it.  Log 5.2 miles