Go with the flow when traveling with parents

My parents are too old for me to try to change them so I go with flow.

They wanted to eat Chinese food in Paris, so I bought them to Chinatown where I’ve never ever been to after 8 times in Paris.  I bumped into a Chinese chef of 30 years in Paris and he recommended the only good Chinese place to eat and the only good Vietnamese place in Paris.

My parents had a blast at both places, one for dinner and one for lunch.

Since this trip *is* for them and not for me I’m letting go of my usual bias of never eating Chinese food in Paris and enjoying every moment with my parents while playing tour guide.

Tonight they bought Chinese soap operas on VCD to watch all night long,  no complaints from me.  I’m going to my favorite creperie to stuff myself full of sweet and savory crepes on the little island of Ile de la Cite