People On Euro Train To Munich

I arrived at the train station on the Brompton (flickr photos) 10 minutes before the train took off.  The conductor looked at my bike and said I needed a reservation for it.  I folded it up in 30 secs and he said I didn’t need reservations.

Today’s sleeper is a 4 bed and oddly they put a women in the same sleeper as 3 other men, how odd.  Maybe  they don’t do that if it’s a 2 bed.

There is one guy from Mexico who said he spent $25,000 euro chasing the world cups games for 31 days, crazy!  I think he regrets it. :-(  But he is going to the finals in Berlin at least.

The women is traveling by herself, she is an opera singer from San Mateo, coolness.  She said she can’t read maps, I showed her the killer TomTom loaded up with European maps.. Another customer for TomTom.

Another asian women, spacey, works in aerospace for a German company in Munich for a one year stint.

Funny moment when spacey asked me why Yahoo! even has offices?  Don’t we all just kind of work virtually? Why do we need an office?  Yeah, that’s true, Yahoo! managers: can I work from Tokyo next year?