Going Car-less

Not careless but car-less. The thought came to me on Sunday when I
was at the church service after a long long time of not attending.
After the service, as I was walking home, I couldn’t get the idea out
of my mind. I was only using my car 2 days a week went I drive Kate
to school. I commute by caltrain the rest of the week, then I take
the bus, ride my bike in the cty.

Why shouldn’t I try using the various car share options in San
Francisco? First there was the car insurance that I’ll save. Then
the car payments and depreciation of the car. That comes to $650+
$250 per month! See this comparison chart.
I don’t want to get into the going green thing since
that’s not the main point. Once I get back from Paris, I will
prepare to sell my car.

This is not crazy right? Plenty of people don’t have cars right?
Some saying in Buddhism, Let go of everything and you shall not be
wanting for anything?


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