Cute Kids Becoming Non-Cute Adults

You see it everywhere. People smiling a kids, commenting on how cute they are. I do the same thing on the metro here in Paris. Even when I look at Kate, I sometimes can’t help but smile at her. I imagine what will become of this wonderful human being.

When do kids stop being cute and become the self conscious adults who don’t smile at random strangers, don’t laugh hysterically? Why don’t we look at other random adults and think what a beautiful human being they are ? We do that constantly with small children. Wondering what they would become. We hope they will be happy and grow up being wonderful people.

I look at Kate now, with her cackling laughter and wonder when this society or even myself will squash that wonderful sense of wonder and carefree out of her and she will just be another jaded adult? I hope she won’t get there any time soon.

For me personally, I’m trying to revert myself back to being a child. I feel like I’m back to about 21 right now. I feel naive to the world, I’m open to change, open to new things. I’ve got a few more years to go before I’ll be 10 years old again.