Saying It Out Loud

This week I learned something new about myself.    I learned that what I’m thinking in my head,  when not explicitly told to those I love,  is not necessarily known to those love ones.

This seems like a very obviously point,  but I often make this mistake.   I think this could be that I am an introvert by nature and I like to bounce thoughts in my own head.     Also I assume my love ones can feel what I am thinking because of my actions.   Actions speak louder than words right?


Sometimes words are more powerful than simple action.

  • I am reminded to tell my child that I accept her no matter what path she chooses for herself.
  • I am reminded to tell my child that I think about her future.   That as a parent,  I have obvious biases.   That I worry about her future.   I worry that if she doesn’t choose the obvious path to success,  that she will struggle in life.    I tell her that I don’t know the right path for another human being to take.    It is up to her to decide on her future.   Success is not guaranteed,  happiness is not necessarily the end goal.   Fulfilling work,  self expression and realization of your own talents is a worthy goal of life as well.

Sometimes random conversations with a child in a car leads to interesting learnings about myself and my child.

I love you.