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Find that one true sport you love

In high school I played badminton for 4 years. I liked the sport, but did not love it. When I went to UC Berkeley, I join the badminton club and we trained and competed against other colleges. We would travel both days on weekends, come back as a team, have dinner together and laugh about the […]

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Passionate About Anything

It doesn’t matter what you are passionate about, as long as you have the passion in your eyes and your heart.   For many years in my life, I was passionless.    If I had a weekend free, I would not know what to do with that time. My recent passion is all about latte art, good […]

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Chez Karine: Software Engineer Turned Chef : lend your support

  First there was Cynthia At Furenzu and now George has a friend at Chez Karine.  A tiny trend: Women software engineers turn chefs! I dropped by with Kate to say hi and spend some holiday cash.  Wow!  I was knocked off my feet! My first taste was the Sablés Chocolat which was bittersweet chocolates […]

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