Who Wakes Up The Earliest In Downtown SF?

I started running today at 5:20am down Ellis and Polk and to my surprise the prostitutes were already awake and working. I saw a total of eight along my run. When I ran back from Union and Polk one of the girls already got into a Taxi yelling her destination to the other girls. I guess it’s a safety thing. Then 30 seconds later I saw a police car drive by, pretty much ignoring the situation.

At around 6:00am the drug dealers ( or I thought they were ) were waking up.

Then 6:15am, the conventions goers were waking up, probably because they couldn’t sleep or for their free continental breakfast at 7:00am

The homeless were still asleep.

In summary, the hardest working bunch were the girls. It’s really kinda sad. I thought prostitution was illegal except in Las Vegas?

Log: 4.4 Miles