link: Ten Tips on Organizing Your Mind, from Dr. Daniel Levitin – Speakeasy – WSJ

I’m using one of his tips, which is to create a high priority email address for everyone important in your life and a 2nd email for everything else.

The neuroscientist that brought us bestsellers “This is Your Brain on Music” and “The World in Six Songs” has turned his attention to the problem of organization. Dr. Daniel Levitin’s new nonfiction book, “The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload,” combines scholarly research and interviews with people like Michael Bloomberg, George Shultz and Sting with practical tips on how to organize our homes, social lives, time and more.

Source: Ten Tips on Organizing Your Mind, from Dr. Daniel Levitin – Speakeasy – WSJ


1. Take breaks.

2. Set up different computer monitors for different activities.

3. Embrace a (modified) paper to-do list.

4. File correspondence in multiple ways.

5. Purge, when needed.

6. Designate time for short tasks and longer projects.

7. Don’t spend more time on a decision than it’s worth.

8. Sleep, and nap on the job.

9. Don’t over-organize.

10. Leave work at work.

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