Kate: the first year: Night time potty training and reading

I’ve gotten a few questions about how we handled the night time potty training.  It’s going to get crazier. Kate has always been a good sleeper, she goes to bed at around 6:00pm and doesn’t wake up until the next morning at 6 or 7am.  Every evening at around 10:00pm, I would go into herContinue reading “Kate: the first year: Night time potty training and reading”

Kate: the first year: Elimination/potty training

Kate is 4 years old now, I’m ready to finally share with the world about how Angie and I decided to raise her.  Our choices and methods are extreme and it caused us a lot of isolation with other parents, but it was all worth it. When Kate was 3 month old, Angie and IContinue reading “Kate: the first year: Elimination/potty training”